How do I get the cheapest bail bonds?

discount bail bonds in fullerton caEverything you need to know about discount bail bonds

If you are taken to into custody, or in jail, your family is most likely going to deal with a bail bond company. A Bail Bond Company keeps you out of jail while your case makes its way through the court system. The bail amount set by the court or jail will depend on the offenses you were arrested for.

Here is how the bail bond works. If you are arrested and the bond is set to be $10,000, you must pay that amount to be released. If you follow the rules set by the court system during the court hearings, the full bond amount will be returned. If you don’t have that kind of money a bail bond company will fund the entire amount of the bond. In the State of California, a bail agency will charge you 10% of the $10,000. There are a number of variables that may affect the amount charged by the bail company. 10% is the legal rate. You may have to give a bail bond company security for the entire amount. Acceptable collateral could be a house, a car or any other asset valuable enough to cover the entire bond amount

How to get the cheapest bail bonds

The cost of a bail bond in Califronia set by the Department of Insurance at 10%. Just like any other industry, people are willing to give discounts. Discounts may violate California law. 8% is allowed after rebate and that’s the
least a bail company is allowed to charge. Anything less rate is considered illegal. Due to these legal requirements, a credible bail bond company will offer affordable bail bond payment options.

We offer affordable and flexible arrangements for any situation by offering:

  • No collateral bail bonds depending on
    your individual situation.
  • Flexible payment plans with no interest.
  • No fee for resumption of liability.
  • No rewrite fees.

These options allow you to get very flexible and affordable
bail bonds, without having to break any law.

Who can qualify for discount bail bond rates?

In most cases, we offer what we call a ‘signature bond’. All we will need is a co- signer’s signature. Several factors determine the eligibility of a signature bond. Bail amount, charges, criminal history, and the co-signer all play a role in the approval of a bond.

You should be very careful when looking for bail bonds agent who will offer you cheap bail bonds. You should always ask yourself, “If these people are willing to break the law when offering their service, will they be able to uphold their promises to the end of the case?” If they ask you for collateral how sure can you be that you will get it back once the case is over? Therefore, it’s important that you do some research before you choose a bail bond company. Pick one that has experience, integrity and isn’t willing to break the law.