Fullerton Police Department

fullerton police departmentThe Fullerton police department first came into existence in 1904 to date and is located at 237 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832. Its main goal is to protect the other citizens from harm by restraining the lawbreakers behind bars. It is not meant to punish the lawbreakers but actually to correct and reform them into better citizens. The Fullerton Jail is a pre-arraignment facility. The jail is located within the police department and will house inmates up to 48 business hours.

The booking process

Once a criminal has been arrested, they will be taken directly to the jail, Once they get to the jail, the booking process begins. The police have to collect the inmate’s personal information for future records which might be of help in future. The booking process starts once the arrested has arrived at the jail and must be completed prior to being released. The booking process registers the offenses committed and ensures that there are no holds or warrants. The jailer collects the person’s personal information which will help identify them. The jailer collects their name, age, complexion, date of birth and a picture of him or her also known as a mug shot.

The inmate information is then sent to the department to keep the records for future reference. The process is not complete without a complete medical evaluation. This is to make sure the inmate doesn’t need any medical attention that the jail cannot provide. If a person in custody takes medication or needs medical attention, the jail will transfer them to the county jail in Santa Ana. The process doesn’t usually take very long at the Fullerton Jail. In most cases, the inmate can be clear for bail within an hour or two.

After the booking process

There is always an alternative to being held in a jail cell. Once the person has completed the booking process, they may be cleared for release on bond. Not Every defendant is eligible for bail. In some cases, there is no bail holds preventing their release.

As Fullerton police department is really a small facility type I facility. This is because it is only a place that holds the inmates for a short period of time before being taken to see a judge for the first time. An inmate waiting for court can only stay there for a short time.

Release from the police station varies depending on the jail workload and how fast the booking process is completed. Once a bail bond is turned in and accepted, the release time is typically less than 30 minutes. Usually, a person will be released in 15 minutes directly into the police department lobby.

Now that the person is released from custody, they will be assigned a court date to appear. In most cases, the court date will be 30 days from the date of release. Some charges, like domestic violence, get a return court date as early as 7 days after release. There is no need to be worried about being taken into custody when you appear in court. The bond is active for the duration of the case.