North Justice Center – Fullerton Courthouse

north-justice-center-fullerton-caThe North Justice Center is located at 1275 North Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832-1258.

Nobody wants to end up in jail. But even the most honest people can make mistakes at times in which they must use a bail bond company to help get them out of jail. To complicate the situation even further, the legal process can be confusing and tricky to navigate. If you have never gone through the Fullerton legal system or don’t know anyone who has, hiring a bail service will help navigate the justice system. Our services will keep the defendant out of custody while the deal with their court case.

Custody Release Options

There are several release options which may or may not require the use of posting bail.
These options include:

  • Cash bail.
  • Surety bonds (used as an alternative to cash bail).
  • Released on one’s own recognizance.
  • Release on citation which involves the courts issuing a citation informing the arrestee of their appoint court date.

Cash bail

Courthouses and jail alike will accept cash bond to release a defendant from custody. This requires the full amount of the bail to be held by the court.

Surety bond

Surety bonds are more common becasue they require the defendant to only pay a small potion o the entire bail amount. Surety bonds are much more affordable.

Released on own recognizance

Sometimes the judge will approve the defendant to be released without bail of any kind. This is reserved for minor offenses that are typically non-violent. A defendant may be taken into custody and based on their criminal history and their charges, a judge may let them out of custody on a promissory note to appear in court.

Citation release

Citations are used in minor offenses like traffic tickets. A person is never taken into custody unless the fail to appear before a judge on their court date. If a person fails to appear at any court date, the judge will issue a warrant for their arrest. This forces a person to deal with the citation.

When a person is arrested and then subsequently released on bail, the courts want to ensure that the person being released will return to court. Warrants are issued when a person does not show up for the court. If the person is out of custody on bail, this is known as skipping bond. However if a person has the intention of posting their bail and retuning to court at the date scheduled, the person may contract a bail company to secure their release from custody.

Surety bond release from the courthouse.

When posting a bail bond at the Fullerton Courthouse, the defendant will typically be released from custody at the end of the court’s business hours.

There are certain cases in which bail will not be set. In this case, the crime committed is severe enough where the judge does not feel that person should be allowed bail. Cases such as murder are a good example of when bail may not be granted. If the court does set bail, the amount will be set extremely high. This effectively keeps the offender in custody. In cases where bail is not set, there is nothing for a bail agency to do. Instead, hiring a lawyer is a better option for the accused. However, a judge must have a valid reason not to grant bail.

Whenever dealing with a bail bond at the North Justice Center, make sure you are hiring someone who is going to be there very step of the way. Part of being in the bail bonds industry is being available to answer any questions throughout the entire process. Itemized receipts, copies of all contracts and agreements and the terms of financing agreements should be made readily available for you. Also, legal rates should not typically exceed 10 percent of the bail amount. If it doesn’t, make sure the bail bond agent can answer as to why this may be.